Meet the Team

I am so proud to be a part of such a great club where we really care about our members and their experience learning gymnastics. I am committed to growing and developing our coaches so they can be at their best.

Kat- Club Manager, Club Coach Educator, Intermediate Coach & Kindergym Coach

I am ready to help you with enrolling in our classes and getting started. I enjoy working with Kat, our coaches and all the families that make the club so great.

Sue- Admin & Membership

I love seeing gymnasts grow in confidence as they learn new skills, & the look of excitement on their faces when they realise they’ve achieved something they didn’t think they could.

Mike- Gymnastics Australia Intermediate coach

I love seeing the kids’ smiling faces each week as well as working with a tight-knit team of coaches. I believe coaching will be very beneficial and compliment my career choice in the future.

Jeremy- Gymnastics Australia Intermediate coach

Coaching here at Oatley Gymnastics has allowed me to feel a sense of community and belonging. The children are a joy to be around and not only do they learn and have fun, all my co-workers and I do too.

Jade- Gymnastics Australia Intermediate coach

Throughout my time coaching here at Oatley, I really enjoy passing on my skills and knowledge to the gymnasts within the club and watching them gain confidence and new skills each week.

Emily- Gymnastics Australia Intermediate Coach

I love seeing the kids grow and achieve their full potential while having fun. Watching them gain confidence, engage and learn new skills in a playful way is my optimal goal as a coach.

Wendy- Kinder Gym  

I enjoy seeing kids grow in confidence and having a good time whilst being challenged through new gymnastics experiences. Teaching children to to safely move, jump, roll and spin in a safe environment is very rewarding. The Kinder Gym team is an amazing and very supportive group. 

Jacklyn- Kinder Gym 

I enjoy coaching so much because I have grown up doing gymnastics and have always looked up to my coaches over the years. I love being able to continue being a part of the gymnastics community by coaching.

Lucy- Gymnastics Australia Beginner Coach

I have wanted to be a coach since I was ten years old and am excited to be able to be a part of the Oatley coaching team and learn how to coach. I really love seeing kids master a new skill!.

Jess- Gymnastics Australia Beginner Coach

 Meet our 2024 Trainee Coaches Sarah and Luka. As  long term members they have been enjoying gymnastics and are learning to be a coach. 

Gymnastics Australia Beginner Coaches

I am passionate about the club and what we offer the community. For children, learning fundamental movement is a lifelong skill that helps in all aspects of life. .  I enjoy giving back to the club and community and volunteering as a coach.

Janelle – Club President, JP,  Intermediate MAG and WAG coach, WAG Judge